A downloadable asset pack

A pack of 9 (16x16) Small Animal sprites, made for use with GB Studio.

These 2-frame sprites may be useful for woodland scenes or pet shop scenes. Feel free to use them however you need. 

No Credit needed but would be appreciated.

The Pack Includes the following animals:

  1. Mouse 
  2. Hamster 
  3. Guinea pig 
  4. Chinchilla 
  5. Hedgehog 
  6. Gerbil 
  7. Squirrel 
  8. Chipmunk 
  9. Ferret 

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Tags2D, Animals, Game Boy, gbstudio, mice, pets, Sprites


Small Animals (GamebowGames).zip 5 kB


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Can I use your artwork to make games for sale?

Yes. Certainly.

Great look


these are so cuteee!!! any possibility of a degu? :O

estão muito lindos, só queria saber o pq eles estão verde nos sprites

Thankyou! They are made to use with GB Studio, so are limited to 3 shades of green. https://www.gbstudio.dev/docs/sprites/

These are absolutely incredible! Any chance of an attempt at a ferret?


Ferret added ;-)

Oh my gods you're the best!!! *Huge hug!!!*

No problem.  Glad to have helped.

Wow, these are so cute!